Fire Damage

Fires can be completely devastating to one’s property, be it a home or business. Even after the fire has been put out, there is lasting fire damage as well as smoke damage to be concerned with. There can also be areas affected by water damage due to the efforts of the firefighters who put out the fire (for more information on our Water Damage Repairs, click here).

With GreenTec Restoration, our professionals are specially trained in restoring properties affected by fire, smoke, and water damage. We will work to quickly and efficiently clean your commercial or residential property and return it to its condition prior to the fire as accurately as possible. By using our restorative cleaning methods, our professionals can also help to salvage personal content damaged by smoke, water, or fire. We will work to restore your commercial or residential property to its condition prior to the fire damage as accurately as possible.

If you have a fire damage restoration job for us, please feel free to fill out our contact form. We provide emergency services 24/7.

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